Monday, April 6, 2009

Music Mondays:DJ Laser + Cam

In case you haven't heard, Cam'ron aka Killa aka King Joffie Joe is back!!!! His new album is set to be released next month through Asylum records.

To hold fans over between now and then, my good friend DJ Laser has compiled some of the best of Cam'ron for his latest mixtape entitled "Back Like I Never Left".

If you had a chance to download the Stack Bundles or the Joe Budden tapes that Laser put out then you know that he knows music. I'm yet to download this one because I'm going to snatch up a hard copy while in NYC on Thursday. For those that won't be able to do so, here's the download link: "Back Like I Never Left" Download

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm Still Around...

I know I haven't been blogging like I should be doing. Just got 5 million things going on at once right now. Most of it is good, I just prefer not to talk until they've manifested. I'll be back soon with a whole new look and much more creative content, believe me. Thanks for all the support of this site and all my endeavors.

In the mean time, you can catch me writing a lot on the internets #1 site, ThankGodI'mFamous. I won't be getting crazy deep like I do on here, it's not that kind of site. Mostly I'll be writing sports articles as well as some exclusive interviews and features.


Monday, March 30, 2009

Music Mondays:Revolution Will Be Phellavised..Part 8

Just some videos I found that I believe illustrate the good parts of this music thing.

First up, my homie Nephew from Chicago just doing what he does; spitting a few bars for the people. His mixtape Nephology 2.0 will be out real soon.

Secondly, The Dream in studio making 2 hits back to back. I love seeing people in studio creating like this. It shows the ease and difficulty that goes into making these songs that we sometimes take for granted. Dream definitely has tits hits for days.

Lastly, SlaughterHouse is getting the respect they deserve. These are 4 guys who are great on their own but were smart enough to form this super group. I think if they play their cards right they have potential to be one of the best hip-hop groups ever. I love how they all stay in their lane; nobody forcing the issue to sound like these half-ass newcomers new current rappers.

This video is for my favorite song from them, it's called "Move On".

Monday, March 23, 2009

Music Mondays:Ms.Keri's New Video

Keri Hilson is officially my favorite female RnB singer and my newest celebrity crush. Just when I thought she topped herself with the "Turning Me On" video and song, she comes back with another great song and video. This time she teams up with Kanye and Ne-Yo. I think Keri is coming for that number 1 spot.

And fellas, get ready to rewind at the 1:43 mark, WOWZERS!!!

My Cousins And Em....

I've been doing this blogging thing for a year now and I don't really get into my fam much but I have to put everyone on to my cousin Iyabo. She's a model and she's really doing her thing. In this business everyday you run into aspiring models but a lot of times it's just girls who take one or two pics and think some how that makes them the next Naomi. Iyabo really puts in her work and does shoots of all kinds. She's been featured in many different publications and also several fashion shows. Not to mention she's also an engineer, used to play high school basketball and an overall good person. She's doing the thing!

Click To Visit Her On Myspace

Music Mondays:The Cool Table

The homie AO and his crew The Cool Table are slated to release their mixtape entitled "The Cool Table Vol.1 on" on April 14th. AO's a good dude and I think him and his team are on to something.

I'll let them tell it:
"What is The Cool Table? The Cool Table is not a group or a record label, but rather a network of talented recording artists, songwriters, producers, musicians, and budding music executives that are sure to make a major impact very soon through an independent approach. This project, "The Cool Table Vol. 1", serves as a platform to showcase the music and establish a reputation within the Hip Hop and R&B arenas as undeniable contenders for top shelf status. They are trendsetting, unique, forward thinking and, above all else, gifted.

Who sits at The Cool Table? Hip Hop artists Balistik the Messiah, Verse-A-T.I.L.E., and AO, collectively known as Fresh/High Society; Alternative/R&B artist Switch of Beyond This Point (BTP); Super Producer Mylon; Production team NameBrand (Biggs & AO); Music Executive Ronny Ron. All of the above are based out of New York (Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island) and New Jersey.

When will "The Cool Table Vol. 1" be available? April 14th. This project will be a free download primarily promoted through in addition to other blogs and mixtape sites. There will also be physical copies manufactured and distributed on CD.

The first 2 singles from "The Cool Table Vol. 1" are "The Funeral" by Fresh/High Society, produced by Mylon; and "Nova Chick" by Switch of BTP feat. AO of Fresh/High Society, also produced by Mylon.

The future of music sits at The Cool Table. Pull up a chair..."

Click Here To Hear "Nova Chick" from The Cool Table.
Click Here To Hear "The Funeral" from The Cool Table.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

No More Raymond, Back To Chris...

Raymond (Everybody Loves)....Chris (Everybody Hates)

Normally when I leave places I'm usually excited to be going back home. Not this morning. I wish I could stay longer, the A was great to me and I see why everyone thrives down here. They all stick together and EVERYBODY hustles. Whether legal or illegal, everyone makes money together.

The wait at Gladys Knights Chicken and Waffles was 2 hours and people stayed. Saw a guy at A-Town day with a duffel bag full of money, just from printing up his own street magazine and selling it hand to hand. All the local artists perform and promote each others songs. It's really good to see and I think if we adopted this attitude up top, we could be doing the same. I'm not gonna hold my breath on that one.

Still got love for home though, it's just disappointing when you know what is and you see what can be.

Thanks ATL for having me, I'll be back in a little bit.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Road Rules:ATL Edition

Nobody warned me that the drive from DC to Atlanta would be so gruelling. The first 3 hours were cool, the next 2 were difficult, the last 4 were absolute hell. If you majored in math you know that means 9 hours of driving. The most annoying part is that there was no traffic, I coasted the whole way. At least if there was traffic it would kind of justify how long the trip took.

All was forgotten once I touched down though. The vibe down here is great. The NCAA tournaments are being played here so March Madness is in the air. It could just be the honeymoon phase because it's my first time down here but I think I'm in love. That natural anger that we have up North (DC/Philly/NY) doesn't seem to exist here.

As for what I did so far? Got in about 12am and checked into my room then headed out to Sickamore and Rich Hil's hotel. Rich had a performance which I heard he killed, congrats to him. The Limo's movement is catching on.

Next up was Don Cannon's studio where Rich went to work on some Cannon tracks. If you know music you know Cannon is probably top 10 hip-hop producers right now. Lil Scrappy was in there working too. Good to see Scrap on his job, I always thought he was one of the slept on South rappers.

To pass time I decided to dust off the pool skills and show Sick why I'm Kobe Bryant on the tables. We played 7 games and the final result was 4-3, advantage me. It shouldn't have been that close but they had these walls that kept interfering with my shots. Oh well, I brought the championship home and that's all that matters.

After the studio it was probably like 3AM and everyone I know down here was knocked out so I decided to retire but not before eating some food that wouldn't never fly back home. Eating healthy and being on the road don't go together.

Day 2 should be cool too. Got a few folks that know the ins and outs of the town that have promised to show me what's what. I'll blog if any of it is blog worthy.

Sincerely, Bobby Phellantino